A Trip Down Memory Lane… BBS

My wife is out of town this week and so I’ve taken the time to at least get started on a long-overdue project. As I have mentioned before, I’ve got a huge tub of old CD ROMs and similar junk that needed going through, which is how I spent many hours the past few days.

What an incredible load of junk! The commercial stuff was easy to deal with – if it’s older than a version I’m currently using, it’s gone. If I’ve never used it, it’s gone. If I can’t even figure out what it is, it’s gone.

The CDs I made myself are a bit more problematic. I’ve backed up important stuff at various times over the years, as well as a ridiculous amount of drivel. Rather than just tossing all those discs, I loaded them all onto my hard drive so that I can sort through them. Probably only a freak like me would actually look forward to reviewing and cleaning out 40,000 files. I have a feeling when the project is done there will be only a thousand or so files left – which will probably all fit on a single DVD.

As I started the sort project, one of the first things I ran across was this advertisement for my old Bulletin Board System…

The Aircrash Bureau BBS

3500 files! 3.8 Gigabytes of storage! That was a huge amount back then, but now for $30 you can get a microSD card with more capacity and which could easily be swallowed. My BBS was never a raging success with individual users – I was a bit late to the game for that. It was however a very active file distribution hub, often moving 100 megabytes a day, which was no small thing in the days of dial-up modems.

Sometimes I miss the title of SysOp.

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  1. The days of 300 baud modems, fidonet, ACB, TLU, 8 line chat systems and assorted tom foolery that went along with it are something to be looked back upon fondly.

    The digital world was a lot smaller and more selective (geeky) club back then.

  2. Hi,

    Seeking ancient info on Ghotinet, The Aircrash Bureau, The London Underground with Doug Bora, etc. & memorable characters such as Eric Schreiber, John Wiseman, Ryan Butkis(sp?) Ulrich Hermans, Baudhead (aka me!), and several others… (but damned few girls!)


    But, if interested, please send hellos and insults to me at jhargrove@wi.rr.com.



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