Brittany ‘McKey’ Sullivan

I was surfing random web sites and stumbled across a photo of McKey Sullivan, who was the winner of America’s Next Top Model in November, 2008. She looked really familiar to me, so I did some searching through my various photos and found this one I had taken of her at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in August of that year.

Brittany 'McKey' Sullivan

I’ve photographed a famous model! How cool is that?

A Sort of Retroactive Road Trip Photoblog, Part 3

December 20, 2009

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma


View of a nearby wind farm from Mt. Scott.


Lichen-spotted rock on Mt. Scott.


Elmer Thomas Lake, seen from Mt. Scott.


These berries were all over the place. I only ate a few. They weren’t as tasty as they look.


Bison by the roadside. He was not impressed with us.


Prairie dog. I think his name was “Eddie”. Yeah. Eddie. That’s a good name.