Ah, Higher Education

A good friend of mine has decided to return to college for another degree, this time in the EMT/Paramedic field. She has begun taking the required introductory classes, and emailed me this question that appeared on a recent test…

You arrive on the scene of an auto accident. You start emergency care and notice bystanders are starting to crowd and observe. What would be the one thing that an observer would remember about this accident?

A) your shirt was wrinkled
B) the number of ambulances
C) the order of ambulances
D) the color of the ambulances

Yes, this is for real. This question actually appeared on a college level test for a class on emergency medical care. I don’t know about anyone else, but I seriously doubt I’d remember any of the given choices. I’d be looking at the damaged cars, or the injured people. And I think if I was paying actual money to take this class, I’d have to speak up and point out that this is a stupid question (my friend who took the test did that – good for her!)

Care to take a stab at what the “correct” answer is? Hint – it would only make sense if this were a class on how to dress like a grown-up. If that isn’t hint enough, try this – what is the dumbest possible answer to this very stupid question?

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